How to make flex face signs

ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed Applicator allows producing a flex-face sign easily with only one person. You don't need any application fluids, forget about getting everything all wet. No more drying time, your sign face is ready to install in no time. One person can do over-sized sign faces even when you need to overlap the cutting film.


We developed ROLLSROLLER® flatbed applicator because of our own sign company’s need of a faster production method to mount cut vinyl graphics to an over-sized flexible sign face.  In the first ROLLSROLLER we could make 80 signs in a fraction of the time it took to make the first 20 by our traditional methods often including soap water and hand squeegee.
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To handle the large rolls of flex-face material like Panagrapics (3M) or Seemee (Verseidag) we developed Side trays to be a part of the ROLLSROLLER’s construction. ROLLSROLLER Premium is equipped with side trays for rolls of banner media, which makes it ideal for flex-face sign applications.

Production of flex face signs with self adhesive vinyl


First start to ask yourself these questions. Do I need side trays that can be used for large rolls (4.2m x 30m / 165in. x 100ft.) of flex-face material, or will side trays for storage usage fit my needs?

Rolls of flex-face material are heavy. Weight and the diameter of the roll have to be taken into consideration when designing the Side trays. The Side tray has to fit the dimensions and weight of the roll sizes customers intended to work with.

For example

A roll of Panagrapics 165in. x 164ft. (4,2m x 50m) has a diameter of 7in. (180mm) and a weight of 310lb (140kg).

To allow the side trays to utilise production of flex-face signs as intended we need a functional design. We made our Side trays in steel with an opening and depth of 7.9in (200mm) and strong enough to withstand loads up to 330lb (150kg). That’s what we call a Side tray. All our ROLLSROLLER Premium models are equipped with side trays.

Storage trays are something different. These are designed to utilise as storage for tools like rulers, knifes and other equipment you need handy in a sign shop. All our ROLLSROLLER Regular models are equipped with storage trays.


Great accessories for ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Appliccator like our Roll cradle are designed to fit into the Side trays. The Roll cradle is used for easy wind and rewind of over-sized banner and flex-face media.


Discover the official ROLLSROLLER online shop
Discover the official ROLLSROLLER online shop


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